I made this clarinet at Newark College over 25 years ago!

All  repair work is discussed with the customer agreeing prices and timescale before commencement. Emergency repairs can usually be fitted in, I do my best to help. Tuning work and small jobs i.e, re-corking joints, soldering, adding thumb rests, straightening bent key work and dent removal etc are priced as seen (I can give an estimate over the phone). Min repair charge is 10.00. I always use good quality pads and materials, but special materials can be arranged on request.
I reserve the right to say no to work on cheap import instruments, please don't be offended, I will happily discuss solutions.
Min Service   The aim is to keep the instrument in good working order for the minimum cost. Only replacing pads, cork, felts and springs as necessary. The instrument is oiled but not cleaned. Recommended every 12 to 18 months.
Full Service   Where an instrument needs a complete strip down and a larger amount of work to bring back to good condition. But does not need all pads replacing. The instrument is cleaned and oiled. Recommended every 2 to 3 years.
Repad   The same as a full service but with all the pads replaced. Recommended when pads are at the end of their life.
Complete Overhaul   This is the same as a full repad but where there is extra work needed to keywork, mechanism etc. (Common on older instruments). Work needed is discussed/ agreed with customer.

Woodwind Instrument repair price list

Please note each job really is different and these are guideline prices. Instruments not on list POA.
    Min Service   Full Service   Repad   Complete Overhaul
Clarinet   40   60   130   150
Flute   45   70   150   155
Oboe   60   120   170   200
Bassoon   85   180   310   380
Soprano Sax   55   110   310   330
Alto Sax   60   115   320   330
Tenor Sax   65   140   350   390
Baritone Sax   80   170   420   450

Educational Offer

For a fixed sum of 70.00 I will come to the school at a mutually convenient time and check over all your woodwind instruments. This includes two hours of my time and any running repairs I can do in that time. I will give you an inventory of any repair work needed and I can take instruments away then or a future date can be arranged. This work will be done in my workshop.

Instruments can be supplied VAT free to Local Education Authority schools.


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